Flower Children & Co. headed to Denver for 420

Flower Children co Denver 420 Mile High Festival 2018 April20 -

Flower Children & Co. headed to Denver for 420

This year is our kickoff. Flower Children & Co. Let me give a quick intro, we are a brand with the down to earth mentality. We want you to embrace your individuality. This is the only way we’re going to build bridges. Next, we love marijuana. The reason is because the co-founders of this company have first hand the power it has to connect people. There is an app you can download right now that will connect you with people you don’t know to meet up in random places to consume marijuana (in states where it’s legal of course). This is one of many examples, but to be short, this is the recreational segment. We are still learning and researching the endless possibilities in the medical marijuana realm. Finding the answer to the question, how can we impact disenfranchised communities in a positive way with medical marijuana? Or at least more education for it. Kill the stigma.

Now back to the main topic, 420, or as we spell it, IVXX. We will be in Denver for IVXX. We are going to the Mile High 420 Festival, (
https://www.thecannabist.co/2018/03/08/denver-420-marijuana-festival-lil-wayne-lil-jon-wailers/100876/ )
please join us if you weren’t aware of it. We just want to meet people and sight see, but interested in learning more about the city of Denver, state of Colorado, and marijuana industry. Can you help us? What are some of the best spots in Denver to grab munchies? What are some of the best trails to take in the mountains? These are the things we’ll be open to suggestions about. We genuinely just want to meet you and inhale the culture. We are currently on Facebook (@FlowerChildrenCo), Instagram (@FlowerChildrenCo), and Twitter (@InhaleFlower)

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