Our Story

We are Flower Children & Co. A lifestyle brand and e-commerce company based out of Oklahoma providing apparel, accessories, and cannabis products. The idea for this brand stemmed from the 1960s Flower Children era, which was very pro-individuality and positive. The importance of this era from our perspective is because in America, a country that has a long history of oppression, finally experienced a moment in time where racial barriers were being challenged and torn down. Ignorance and hatred were being challenged by love and self worth. We want to harness the push for positivity and plant seeds amongst this new generation of Flower Children. The term Flower Children became directly associated with the term Hippy. Hippies were at the heart of the movement for unity, positivity, and love in the 1960s. Lets carry that on in the 21st century! Please reach out to us with any feedback, questions, or if you just want to chat, we are here for you!

If you'd like to help us spread our message, please follow us on social media, @FlowerChildrenCo for Instagram & Facebook, and @InhaleFlower for Twitter!